my characteristics
a poetic metamorphosis of light and shape…
I slowly transform from a closed architectural form into an open and sensual light object.

technical details : see 'folder'
  • technical details and dimensions
  • control of light and movement
  • mounting possibilities
  • colours and finishes
  • patented technology
I am the light
that responds to
your needs
New York by night
Charcoal Black
Ghost White
Venetian Red
mode 01
I can react to your touch
Gently touch my base and I will open up to you. You can hold me at any position and light intensity you like.
mode 02
I respond to your presence
When my eye sees you I will respond to you by blooming. When you leave I will go back to rest.
mode 03
I can breathe
If you want me to, I can open up and close, slowly and gently, in a continuous cycle. I bring an organic light dimension to your space.
in the wild
things people
ask me