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  • technical details and dimensions

  • control of light and movement

  • mounting possibilities

  • colours and finishes

  • patented technology

Moscow blossoms
open to bring
you light
version 1.
for integration in a home control system (0-10V)

Through a home control system (0-10V) you can adapt the light and the transformation to create multiple scenarios.

version 2.
with Kinemodule for integration in a project without home control system .

The Kinemodule is a small, especially developed control system that allows the control of light and motion and has several preprogrammed scenarios, allowing an easy installation.

version 3.
a stand-alone suspension lamp with smartdevice remote control .

When there is no home control system available or a Kinemodule can't be installed, a standalone Moscow with smartdevice remote control can be provided. Through a bluetooth connection the lamp can be controlled in light and motion from a smart device.

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