my characteristics
light modulation and physical transformation are in my nature 

technical details : see 'folder'
  • technical details and dimensions
  • control of light and movement
  • mounting possibilities
  • colours and finishes
  • patented technology
through my arch
of light 
light modulation and
physical transformation
reveal a world
Tangerine Orange
Venetian Red
Olympic Gold
I can be used in a basic installation or be connected to a dimmer

Switch me on and I will light up and open. Flip the switch to dim me down and hide my light.
A simple dimmer will allow you to control my intensity and transformation.

I also exist in a frame that feels your presence

Thanks to my integrated eye I feel your presence and will automatically respond to you and reveal my light.

I can be integrated in your home automation system

Connect me to your system and control every aspect of my light and transformation.

in the wild
things people
ask me