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Cordoba is a metamorphic lighting object that combines a physical transformation of its shape with a modulation of light.
In its closed position you have a minimal bulb shaped incision line.
When light is requested, the fexible bulb shape slowly bends inwards to reveal the light.

Welcome through my arch of light

Integrated electronics ensure a smooth and silent transformation in harmony with the intensity of the light. The transformation and light modulation are pre-programmed, but can also be independently controlled by the user through bluetooth smart control. Trimless devices can also be activated via Dali. Includes bluetooth smart control and power supply, excludes mounting accessories.

light modulation and
physical transformation
reveal a world

light modulation and
physical transformation
reveal a world

high quality LED
In Warm White

The light source is a long-life LED engine with a colour temperature of 2.700K (or other on request).

Venetian red

Sunrise Yellow


Cordoba Trim

The fixture can be installed in a wooden wall, ceiling or other hard material.
In this built-in version, a fine edge is visible around the light fixture, which can be additionally covered by the installer and/or painter.


Cordoba On Box

When you choose an on box version, the light fixture is fixed in a frame.
Here you have the choice between a lacquered black or white frame. 

The fixture can be mounted on a wall, as a pendant lamp or as a stand-alone fixture (plug & play).
This version is always offered in different finishes and lacquered colors. 


width 600mm
height 800mm
projection 72mm
bulb shape 560x400mm

Light source

LED 2700 K > 50.000 h
1320 lm (source)
12 W

Installation method

On box



Interior finish

Custom Color
Lacquered Jet Black
Lacquered Sunrise Yellow
Lacquered Venetian Red
Lacquered White

Exterior finish

Acid Green
Aged Brass
Aged Bronze
Brushed Bronze
Lacquered Jet Black
Lacquered White
White Primer