imagine how your ceiling
suddenly bends inwards
and abundant light appears
a breathtaking metamorphosis
from a cylinder to a lantern
from light up and down to light all around
slowly bending surfaces revealing
technical light solutions
light as an eclipse…
light modulation and transformation combined to add an organic, interactive dimension to your space
light and architecture become one.
imagine a discrete light line transforming into an expressive living light experience for your wall or ceiling...
a poetic metamorphosis of light and shape.
the new york lamp slowly transforms from a closed architectural shape into an open and sensual light object
light as a rising sun…
light modulation and transformation are combined
to add an organic, interactive dimension to your space
a welcoming arch of light.
light modulation and physical transformation
reveal a world
a pendant light
like a blossoming flower
a diamond shape
to combine into transforming light compositions
a lighting star beckoning you
to come closer
a flexible light circle
within a contrasting material